Experienced del Barrio to help Oliveira

Daniel Oliveira will tackle round four of the Intercontinental Rally Challenge on Gran Canaria alongside one of the most experienced co-drivers in the field. Carlos del Barrio has competed on Rally Islas Canarias on 12 occasions, winning twice, during his 23-year career.

He plans to pass on his knowledge to Oliveira, who is competing on the all-asphalt event for the first time.

“I have the experience of course but I also know where all the tricky places are so I will be sure to tell Daniel everything I know,” said del Barrio.

“Still, the most important thing for Daniel is to finish this rally and gain experience.

”Del Barrio, from Spain, said day one of the recce had been quite intense but reported no major problems. “It was very tough, one of the longest days of recce of my career,” said del Barrio.

“The roads are quite narrow in places and there was a lot of traffic but the conditions were dry and this was important for the rally.”

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